Waylon Park
Waylon Park is the main protagonist of Outlast: Whistleblower.


Waylon was a family man and innocent software engineer for the Murkoff Corporation, the science company behind the horrors of Mount Massive Asylum. After being caught trying to leak his employers' secrets to an investigative reporter, Waylon is forcefully imprisoned at the asylum where the Walrider and patients escape, causing it to erupt into chaos. Waylon traverses half the chaotic facility, being stalked and nearly killed by Frank Manera, Dennis, Eddie Gluskin, Chris Walker, and Jeremy Blaire, where he finally escapes the asylum and manages to expose Murkoff for the abomination that it is.

Abilities and equipmentEdit

Like Miles, Waylon is equipped with nothing but a camcorder and is completely incapable of self-defense. He is, however, quite athletic and good at stealth.