Venom Snake
Venom Snake
is the main protagonist and default player-character of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


Whilst outwardedly appearing as the quiet and legendary commander of the Diamond Dogs, Big Boss, Venom Snake was actually an unnamed MSF medic who, through hypnotherapy and reconstructive surgery, effectively became a clone and perfect decoy of Big Boss. Snake also has multiple playable apprentices; the DD Soldiers of the Combat Unit.

Abilities and equipmentEdit

Venom Snake is a physically peaked elite mercenary who can take down an endless amount of armed soldiers single-handedly via the mastery of CQC, a military martial art. Snake also has a variety of assault rifles, tranqilizers, explosives, and additional items like cardboard boxes and Fulton backpacks. He also has multiple buddies overwatching him, including an inhumanly powerful sniper/spotter, Quiet, a combat-trained wolfdog, an attack chopper, a loyal steed, and a drivable mini-mecha.