Gary "Roach" Sanderson is one of the playable characters of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Biography Edit

Roach is one of the mysterious members of the elite British Task Force 141 team, where he is under the mentorship of Captain Soap and later Captain Price.

Roach carries out multiple top secret missions around the world, like infiltrating a top secret arctic base (Cliffhanger), capturing and interrogating a weapons dealer in the Brazilian favela (Takedown and The Hornet's Nest), overthrowing a highly fortified oil rig (The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday), rescuing Price from a Russian gulag (The Gulag), infiltrating another arctic base (Contingency), and finally raiding one of Makarov's safehouses (Loose Ends), before getting betrayed and killed by his commanding officer General Shepard.

Abilities and equipment Edit

Roach has the typical qualities of a Call of Duty protagonist (skilled with every firearm he comes across, peak human fitness, trained marksman). Aside from an assortment of assault rifles, sniper rifles, and SMGs, Roach is equipped with frag grenades, ice-picks, flash-bangs, and a combat knife.