Red Hod
Red Hood
is a DLC-only playable character in Batman: Arkham Knight.


Jason Todd was Batman's second Robin, until he was supposedly beaten to death with a crowbar by The Joker. Todd survived, however, and reinvented himself as the ruthless but well-intended vigilante the Red Hood in his adult years.

Abilities and equipmentEdit

Trained by Batman, Jason is an extremely powerful martial artist, acrobat, and tactician. As the Red Hood, he's equipped with a pair of automatic handguns with seemingly limitless ammo, as well as a grappling gun, zip-kick, and flash-bangs. He cannot glide, only uses his pistol barrels and legs during combat situations, and is uniquely incredibly murderous as opposed to the rest of the Bat-Family, regularly snapping the necks and riddling the bodies of his opponents with bullets.