The nameless protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is its sole player character.


Nothing is known about the protagonist other than the fact that he was a young male who worked as an actor and security guard for the Fazbear Fright Horror Attraction, where he spent five nights fending himself from the facility's homicidal animatronic, Springtrap. The ventilation system also causes him hallucinations (whether it be from oxygen deprivation or noxious fumes) where he sees terrifying but non-fatal phantom animatronics. As with all the other FNAF protagonists, he is never seen and is likely not that intelligent as he continuously returns to his incredibly stressful and dangerous job for minimum wage.

Abilities and equipmentEdit

The protagonist is completely physically inactive, bound to his office chair, and must use security footage, ventilation stuffage, and vocal distractions to defend himself from Springtrap, an incredibly cunning and dangerous individual.