Miles Upshur
Miles Upshur is the main protagonist of Outlast.


Miles was a young man and independent investigative reporter who was hired by the mysterious "Whistleblower" to investigative the infamous Mount Massive Asylum for the Criminally Insane. On a dark windy night, Miles breaks into the supposedly abandoned institute to find its been overthrown by its insane and superpowered patients, who are all after his head. Miles traverses half the facility, being nearly killed by Chris Walker, The Twins, Richard Trager, and the Pyromaniac, and Miles eventually makes his way to the underground lab where he's possessed by the Walrider and ascends to godhood.

Abilities and equipmentEdit

Miles is equipped with nothing but a camcorder and is completely incapable of self-defense. He is, however, quite athletic and good at stealth. After being possessed by the Walrider, Miles is a literal god capable of flight, being completely bulletproof, and capable of ripping his way through a heavily armed security squad.