A female DD Soldier in a Sneaking Suit

The DD Soldiers are apprentices of Venom Snake, members of the Diamond Dogs' Combat Unit, and optionally playable characters in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


The DD Soldiers are mercenaries recruited into the Diamond Dogs private military in 1984. Some DD Soldiers are former kidnapped members of XOF, the Red Army, and African private military forces, while others are foreign volunteers attracted to Venom Snake's fame. All are religiously loyal to Snake and reside at the Mother Base platforms.

Abilities and equipmentEdit

The DD Soldiers are functionally identical to Venom Snake, which means they have unlimited stamina, are unstoppable CQC masters, flawless assassins and infiltrators, and are equipped with a variety of highly advanced military equipment and weaponry. By default, they wear generic fatigues, but they can be equipped with camouflage, tuxedos, sneaking suits, Parasite suits, etc.


  • They are successors to the MSF Soldiers of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.